Things to do when building a scalable e-commerce platform

scalable e-commerce

Very few e-commerce sellers often launch their stores with the primary aim of only selling a handful of items. Many want much, much more than that-however the way they set their online retail outlets in the early days often limits them from achieving the kind of growth they dream of down the road. If you are one of such retailers and wish to take the next step in developing the right online retail outlet, here are a few tips which you can easily take advantage of.

How to successfully build a scalable e-commerce platform

 Choose the right e-commerce platform

A had coded e-commerce retail outlet that requires you to key in instructions physically will slow your future growth. Rather than going for such options, consider options like Shopify and BigCommerce which are affordable and have scalable packages that will grow with you as your store takes off.

 Use a classic SOA components

A modern e-commerce platform is typically large with many application components. These applications include order management, content management, search, shipping and warehouse management, personalization and recommendation, content management and email and SMS management. When developing such a platform, you will face lots of challenges since it will be too complicated, hard to build, evolve and scale.  When facing such a problem, it is always good to use a service-oriented architecture aka SOA. An SOA platform is modular, decentralized and distributed; with each application component fully isolated from any other.

Unlike the traditional systems, SOA components or subsystems usually communicate through a well-defined API, which is exposed as a service. Needless to say, with an SOA structure in place, each element will evolve rapidly and independently which means the scaling challenges that you will be facing will be easily identified and solved in no time.

 Go for drop shipping if you get a chance to do so

Drop shipping is one of the most scalable e-commerce arrangement out there just because the seller is never bothered with physical inventory. Once an order is placed in an online retail outlet, it is referred out to a contracted drop shipping partner who handles order processing, shipping, fulfillment, and returns. Just like many other transactions, drop shipping has its pros and cons, and it is not a perfect solution for every product type you may be having and for this reason, it is advisable to always work with partners who can integrate your e-commerce platform.

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