Essential features of a scalable e-commerce platform

Sell Online E-commerce

So you want to run an online retail store. Before diving in, it is critical to spend time going through all the things needed to make your venture successful. Start by looking at the name you plan to give your new business, is it catchy? Does it make sense? If it meets all the requirements, take a step further and get details of where exactly you plan to host your store.

Spend time studying the different e-commerce platforms available and try to find out the various features each present. To help you with these, we have compiled a list of some of the essential characteristic of a good e-commerce platform should have. This list will not only help you evaluate the platforms you are planning to use, but will also assist you to make well-informed decisions on whether a specific option will offer maximum benefit to you or not.

How to identify and evaluate different e-commerce platforms

Searching for ‘sell online,’ or ‘e-commerce,’ or a variety of online store related keywords will bring lots of options to you. While some solutions might present platforms that offer or take care of everything on your behalf, some will only cover one or two areas and leave the rest to you. So, while it is relatively easy to find the right tools that allow you to sell online, the search method you use will give you a pretty long list, and this will require to use different ways to narrow it down and only remain with the best options. Luckily, you can do this by asking fundamental questions about your needs.

For example:

Can you afford to pay? Many platforms are free nowadays. However, there are a few others which charge monthly or yearly fees depending on different factors such as the number of products they carry and the amount of traffic they generated.

Can you easily purchase hosting and install the software? Since you plan to own the online retail outlet fully, find out if the platform will grant you the legal right to hold the store entirely. While many options might not allow this, there are a few who can give you the full rights.

Spend some time researching and critically analyzing the things that matter most to you before making any binding decision regarding the platform to use. Pay particular attention to the price, hosting rights and user interface since you won’t want your clients to be frustrated when trying to purchasing your e-commerce retail outlet.

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